Postgraduate education

The CAB puts a major effort in the education and training of postgraduate students of both Science and Veterinary backgrounds. Since its formation in 1990, over 50 postgraduate students have successfully completed their studies and have found rewarding and stimulating positions in both Veterinary and Medical Research Institutes in Australia and overseas.

The opportunity to interact closely with commercial projects within CAB also provides extra scope for job opportunities in Industry and for the commercialisation of research results.

Prospective students are encouraged to browse through the CAB website to become acquainted with the various research programs available at CAB and contact Prof J-P Scheerlinck for further details.


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Postgraduate students

Doctor of Philosophy

Maryam Shahnia
Investigating wound healing using a pig model

Robert Owen
Impact of Varroa destructor on honeybees in Australia

Fayyaz Baloch
Investigation of graft rejection in corneal transplatation using a sheep model

Mebrahtu Tedla
Immunomodulation by Schistosoma mansoni

Yok Teng Chionh
Role of glycosylation on H. pylori colonisation and pathogenesis

Garrett Ng
Investigation of H. Pylori biology

Johanne Van Der Velden
Investigation of the role of mast cells in the asthmatic responses using a sheep model

Ana Vujanic
Induction of immune responses following intra-pulmonary vaccination

Jana Hagen
Investigation of the biology of schistozome parasites

Caroline Skene
Immune protection against Helicobacter pylori

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