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Contract Services

Experimental trials in livestock

The Centre for Animal Biotechnology offers contract services for the conduct of both small and large scale vaccine or pharmaceutical trials in livestock. The available animal facilities include;

  • Extensive pasture for sheep and cattle grazing
  • Intensive housing facilities for sheep and cattle, including observation deck for behavioural studies
  • Metabolism crates for sheep
  • Races, yards and crush for individual or group treatments
Staff expertise includes extensive experience in experimental design, implementation and data analysis in the following research areas:

The Centre has extensive laboratory facilities and technical staff experienced in ELISA, FACS analysis, protein analysis, histology and immunohistology. Veterinary services are also available as required.

Monoclonal antibody production, ELISA and diagnostic tests

The Centre for Animal Biotechnology has produced a range of monoclonal antibody reagents. Our staff have significant expertise in antibody production for different applications and we offer this service on a contract basis. We can produce a combination of mAb antibodies and polyclonal antibodies for development of ELISA assays. The Centre for Animal Biotechnology has also a large amount of expertise in cloning and expression of recombinant proteins and the development of molecular and antibody based diagnostic assays.


For further information and pricing please contact Dr Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck (Director).

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