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A/Prof Phil Sutton,
BSc(Hons), PhD

Head, Immunology and Mucosal Pathogens research group

Centre for Animal Biotechnology
The University of Melbourne
Vic 3010, Australia
Telephone: + 61 3 8344 7152
Facsimile: +61 3 8344 7374


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Positions held

Present: Head, Immunology and Mucosal Pathogens research group, Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Animal Biotechnology, The University of Melbourne (Australia)
2001–2003: Immunology Group Leader, CSL Limited, Parkville, Australia
1996–2001: Vaccine Project Leader, School of Microbiology and Immunology, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
1995–1996: Post-doctoral researcher, Laboratoire de la Toxoplasmose, Institut Pasteur, Lille, France
1992–1994: Post-doctoral researcher, Division of Cell Biology, John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Tertiary education

1991: PhD (Immunology), Manchester University, U.K.
1988: BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science, Bradford University, U.K.

Phil is the author of over 40 articles in refereed journal and 3 book chapters. He is a member of the Society for Mucosal Immunology, the Australasian Society for Immunology and the Gastroenterology Society of Australia.

Research interests

  • Mucosal Immunology
  • Vaccines
  • Infectious Diseases

Supervised students

  • G. Ng (PhD, 1st year) Mucin modulation of the inflammatory response to Helicobacter pylori infection.
  • A. Vujanic (PhD, 1st year) Vaccination through intra-lung delivery.
  • Y. T. Chionh (PhD, 2nd year) Role of glycosylation on H. pylori colonisation and pathogenesis.
  • S. Harbour (PhD, 3st year) Immune protection against Helicobacter pylori.
  • C. Skene (PhD, 4th year) Immune response to mucosal pathogens.

Selected papers

  • McGuckin M, Every A, Skene C, Linden S, McAuley J, Swierczak A, Harbour S, Kaparakis M, Ferrero R & Sutton P. (2007) Muc1 mucin limits both Helicobacter pylori colonization of the murine gastric mucosa and associated gastritis. Gastroenterology 133: 1210-1218.
  • Sutton P., O’Rourke J., Wilson J., Dixon M.F. & Lee A. (2004)
    Immunisation against Helicobacter felis infection protects against the development of gastric MALT lymphoma. Vaccine 22(20): 2541-2546
  • Mueller A., O’Rourke J., Chu P., Kim C., Sutton P., Lee A. & Falkow S. (2003) Protective immunity against Helicobacter is characterized by a unique transcriptional signal. Proc Nat Acad Sci 100: 12289-12294
  • Sutton P., Danon, S., Walker M., Thompson, L., Wilson J., Kosaka T. & Lee A. (2001) Post-immunisation gastritis and Helicobacter infection in the mouse: A long term study. Gut 49: 467-473.
  • Sutton P. (2001) Helicobacter pylori vaccines and mechanisms of effective immunity: Is mucus the key? Immunology and Cell Biology 79: 67-73.
  • Sutton P., Kolesnikow T., Danon S., Wilson J. & Lee A. (2000) Dominant non-responsiveness to Helicobacter pylori infection is associated with production of Interleukin 10 but not Interferon g. Infection and Immunity 68: 4802-4804.
  • Sutton P., Wilson J., Genta R., Pappo J., Torrey D., Savinainen A. & Lee A. (1999) A genetic basis for atrophy: dominant non-responsiveness and Helicobacter-induced gastritis in F1 hybrid mice. Gut 45: 335340.
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