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Dr Ken Snibson, MSc, PhD

Head, Asthma and Airway Disease research group

Centre for Animal Biotechnology
The University of Melbourne
Vic 3010, Australia
Telephone: + 61 3 8344 8716
Facsimile: +61 3 8344 7374


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Positions held

Present: Senior Lecturer, Centre for Animal Biotechnology, The University of Melbourne (Australia).
Lecturer, Centre for Animal Biotechnology, The University of Melbourne (Australia).
2000–2004: Research Fellow, Centre for Animal Biotechnology, The University of Melbourne (Australia).

Ken is the author of 26 articles in refereed journals.

Tertiary education

2000: PhD, Cancer Biology, Melbourne Univ., Australia.
1992: Master of Science, Melbrourne Univ., Australia.

Research interests

  • Airway wall remodelling in chronic asthma
  • Lung physiology of diseased airways
  • Mast cells in airway disease
  • Blood vessel remodelling in asthma

Supervised students

  • Donna Barker PhD University of Melbourne, 2010-present

  • Joanne Van der Velden PhD student, University of Melbourne, 2008-present (with Dr Stuart Hirst  and Associate Professor JP Scheerlinck) Thesis title: Vascular remodelling in a sheep model of chronic asthma

  • Nicholas Robinson PhD Monash University 2006-2009 (with Prof E Meeusen) Thesis Title: Haemonchus contortus infection: Investigation of rejection mechanisms in resistant sheep

  • Stacey Harbour PhD, University of Melbourne, 2005-2009 (with Dr P Sutton) Thesis title: A study of the immunological mechanisms of Helicobacter pylori infection in sheep

  • Emmanuel. Koumoundouros PhD, University of Melbourne, 2002-2009 (with Professor I Mareels and Dr R Bischof) Thesis title: The physiology of asthmatic responses to house dust mite allergens in sheep

  • Megan O’Reilly  BSc honours, Monash University, 2007 (with Professor R Harding) Thesis title: Airway remodelling and inflammation in a model of chronic lung disease associated with prematurity

  • Anita Venkatanarayanan Bchem Eng. Honours University of Melbourne, 2006
    Thesis title: Segmental Lung Airway Dynamics associated with bronchoconstriction in sheep

  • N. M. A. Rahman - MVSc, University of Melbourne, 2001-2002 (with Associate Professor C. S. Lee and Dr E.N. Meeusen)

  • H. Chan – PhD, University of Melbourne, 2000-2003, (with Dr M Brandon)
    Thesis title: Genetic improvement in domestic animals through the use of advanced reproductive technologies

  • Hung-Hsun Yen PhD, University of Melbourne, 2002-2006 (with Dr E Meeusen and Dr J-P Scheerlinck) Thesis title: Modulation of immune response to DNA vaccines in sheep

  • Lachlan McMurtrie BSc honours student, Monash University, 2004 (with Professor R Harding and Dr M Cock)
    Thesis title: The susceptibility of adult respiratory disease in prematurely born sheep

Selected papers

  • O’Reilly M, Hooper SB, Allison BJ, Flecknoe SJ, Snibson K, Harding R, Sozo F. Persistent bronchiolar remodeling following brief ventilation of the very immature ovine lung. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2009 (accepted August 11 2009)
  • Snibson K, De Matteo*, R, Koumoundouros E, Thompson B, Harding R. Lung function in developing lambs: is it affected by preterm birth? Journal of Applied Physiology 2009 (in press)
  • Bischof RJ, Bourke JE, Hirst SJ, Meeusen ENT, Snibson KJ, Van Der Velden. Measurement and Impact of Remodeling in the Lung: Airway Neovascularization in Asthma J. Proc Am Thorac Soc 2009 (accepted Aug 21 2009).
  • Yen HH, Wee JL, Snibson KJ, Scheerlinck JP. Thoracic duct cannulation without thoracotomy in sheep: a method for accessing efferent lymph from the lung. Vet Immunol Immunopathol 2009;129(1-2):76-81.
  • Bischof RJ, Snibson KJ, Vander Velden J, Meeusen E. Immune responses to allergens in sheep sensitized to house dust mite 2008; Journal of Inflammation 5: 16
  • Wee, J. K. L, Scheerlinck, J. P. Y, Snibson, K. J., Edwards, S, Pearse, M., Quinn, C., and Sutton, P. Pulmonary delivery of ISCOMATRIX™ influenza vaccine induces both systemic and mucosal immunity with antigen dose sparing 2008; Mucosal Immunology 1 (6) 489-96
  • E. Koumoundouros, E., Snibson, K. J. and Mareels I M Y. Oesophageal techniques for deriving the lung dynamics of quietly breathing sheep 2008; IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc 1 2435-8
  • Scheerlinck J., Snibson K., Bowles V. B., and Sutton P. Biomedical applications of sheep models: From asthma to vaccines. Trends Biotechnol 26(5): 259-66 2008
  • K Snibson and Richard Harding. Postnatal growth rate but not mild preterm birth influences airway structure in adult sheep challenged with House Dust Mite. Ex lung Research, 34 (2) 2008
  • Maritz, G., Probyn, M., De Matteo, R., Snibson, K., Harding R. Lung parenchyma at maturity is influenced by postnatal growth but not by moderately preterm birth in sheep. Neonatology 93 (1) 28-35 2008
  • Lofthouse, S., and Snibson, K., Claims of current corticosteroid patents for treating asthma, Recent Patents on Inflammation & Allergy Drug Discovery, 1 146-150 2007
  • Snibson, K. J., McMurtrie, L. S., Bischof, R. J., Koumoundouros, E., Cock, M., Harding, R.: Altered airway responsiveness in adult sheep born prematurely: Effects of allergen exposure. Ex lung Research 32 (6) 215-228 2006
  • Koumoundouros, E., Bischof, R. J., Meeusen, E. N., Mareels, I, M., Snibson, K., J.: Chronic airway disease: Deteriorating pulmonary function in sheep associated with repeated challenges of house dust mite. Ex lung Research 32 (7) 321-330 2006
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